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As a parent, you want your children to get the best medical care possible. Unfortunately, such medical necessities can be a financial burden and parents are forced to curtail their other expenses to ensure their children get the best possible treatment. At Tigris MDC, we encourage parents to consider Child Dental Benefits Schedule provided by the government. Here’s a brief explanation about CDBS to help you understand how you can benefit from it.

About The Child Dental Benefits Schedule 

CDBS provides basic and essential dental benefits to children with oral health problems. The services have a cap of $1,000 over a period of 2 consecutive calendar years. Services covered by Child Dental Benefits Schedule include:

  • —Examinations
  • —Cleaning
  • —X-Rays
  • —Fillings
  • —Fissure Sealing
  • —Extractions
  • —Root Canals
  • —Partial Dentures

As you can see, CDBS covers all essential and basic dental treatments your child might require so it’s a good idea to book an appointment with our dentist today and ensure your child’s oral health is maintained.


Patient Eligibility For The Child Dental Benefits Schedule 

CDBS is only available to eligible candidates so before you choose the mode of payment, you should consult the eligibility criteria and confirm your child is eligible for it.

  • The patient must be between 2 to 17 years of age for at least one day of the year
  • They must also be eligible for Medicare
  • They or their family must receive certain payments from the Australian Government

Our staff will access your child’s eligibility at the beginning of every calendar year. It’s valid for the entire year so as long as you don’t surpass the cap, you can avail to the Child Dental Benefits Schedule. We can backdate eligibility for the current year to January 1st if the child turns one later in the year. Our staff will check the balance amount and eligibility before we consider your child a beneficiary of the service.

Informed Financial Consent for Child Dental Benefits Schedule Services 

We will discuss the service with your child and obtain your consent for basic dental services. We’ll also explain all related costs so you can make an informed decision. This is usually done on the day of the visit and all consent forms must be filled and signed on by the end of the visit. You would need to sign one of two consent forms based on the type of billing:

  • For private billing, you need to sign the consent on every visit to the dentist.
  • For bulk billing, you’ll only need to sign the consent form on the first visit of every year.

Record Keeping

We keep all the relevant records related to CDBS for four years from the date of the last service for audit. These records include patient consent forms, clinical notes about all procedures related to CDBS, and any other documents related to Child Dental Benefits Schedule.

If you need medical assistance from excellent doctors, new and hygienic facilities, and excellent care, don’t hesitate to call us or visit Tigris MDC today. We’ll be happy to help in every way possible. You can also book appointments online.


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